Why Hire A Commercial Painting Specialist?

Commercial property owners, investors or managers tend to have a lot on their plates when it comes to dealing with all the aspects of their enterprise.. They want their property to look its best while always keeping in mind the bottom line cost. Appearance, functionality and productivity are all equally important.

The painting project  needs to be executed with minimal interference to your business. It takes a professional, conscientious, experienced commercial painting contractor to pull this off.

In addition to a stunning new appearance and an attractive color scheme, experienced commercial painters can provide a whole range of restoration services while keeping the painting project on schedule.

Enhancing Your Brand

No matter what your business is, you want your office, storefront, plant, school, church, dealership or other commercial property to draw visitors. With a clean, attractive appearance, your property will create a good first impression of your business and foster a sense of confidence in you’re the hearts and minds of your clients. A painting firm experienced in commercial work will be qualified to give advice on current color trends in your field (for instance, the hotel industry) and how to use color to create an appropriate mood – calming, comfortable blue for a spa, and energetic, uplifting yellow in a factory, or lively, engaging red in a restaurant.

­­­­­What Paint or Products?

A professional painting contractor who is worth his weight in gold will use high quality paint to assure and aesthetically pleasing, long lasting job. A quality commercial paint ought to be able to stand up 5-10 years of heavy use. A professional painter knows the best products for various surfaces, wall and floor solutions for high-traffic areas, and exterior weather-resistant sealants.

Good Preparation

A paint job, residential or commercial, is only as good as the prep work that goes into it. At Angel painting, we understand this. Thorough cleaning of surfaces to be treated, including pressure washing of the exterior, removing chipping and peeling paint, water damage, mold, graffiti, rust, substrate corrosion, or concrete spalling—we have seen it all and dealt with it all. Inside the building, other types of repair may be necessary — repair or drywall replacement,  patching holes, cracks, dents, and abrasions. Sealing off stains and re-texturing ceilings. Once the surfaces are ready for application, we remove fixtures and engage in precision taping and masking. State of the art tools and equipment are used for application by airless sprayer, roller or brush.

Customer Focus

Our project planning is focused on minimal interruption to your business, employees and clients. We will work with you to insure the project goes smooth and with minimal interruption.

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