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Angel Painting is the professional painting solution for your home! Our skilled crews have been bringing color and restoration to San Diego for nearly a quarter century. We feature exterior painting and interior painting and decoration. As a full service residential painting company, we are specialize in providing custom service,  ready to tackle any painting project you have in mind. What goes into an Angel Painting job? Impeccable project preparation, seasoned craftsmanship honed from years of experience, and state of the art equipment and products.



Let us transform your home inside and out!

residential painting experts

Family Friendly Service With A Smile

Our goal is to make our time painting your home a pleasant experience for you from start to finish. Our residential painters are trained to deliver service with a smile.

Clean, Fast and Efficient

An old school commitment to a job well done. Meticulous attention to detail.  A passion for excellence. Top notch results. Consideration for the customer. Interior house painting need no be a stressful experience for the homeowner!

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